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PostedTitleAuthorIn / AtTypeYear
11/16/11Modeling MeiosisTyrun FlahertyWorking Paper2011
7/01/11Physics - Waves & BoundariesDon HighlanderWorking Paper2011
6/30/11ElectricityArdy DehdashtWorking Paper2011
6/29/11Speed and VelocityArdy DehdashtWorking Paper2011
6/29/11Converting fractions to decimals and back again!April Banks & Darla Wrightword 2010Working Paper2011
6/29/11ICA Inverse Functions Focus LessonStephen BrandtWorking Paper2011
6/28/11AG1 201Tim WalkerATOMSWorking Paper2011
6/28/115E - atoms conference - 7- 313samuel martinworkWorking Paper
6/27/11Solving Real-world Problems with Equations and InequalitiesSwartz, Owensby LoWorking Paper2011
6/27/11Bio 302 - Cell OrganellesTyrun FlahertyWorking Paper2011
6/27/11a.t.o.m.s. - 409samuel martinA.T.O.M.S.Working Paper
6/27/11Physics - VectorsDon HighlanderWorking Paper2011